Highways & Road Maintenance

All public roads and streets in RDOS Electoral Area ‘D’ are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation (Highways). The Ministry of Transportation are responsible for aspects of road maintenance such as infrastructure repairs and upgrades, highway infrastructure safety improvements, road markings, road signage and pedestrian crosswalks. They are also responsible for snow removal along Highway 97 only.

Ministry of Transportation
102 Industrial Place Penticton, BC V2A 7C8 (not open to Public - by appointment only)

Snow Removal

Snow removal on all public side roads and streets are the responsibility of A.I.M.  Road Maintenance.
A.I.M. Road Maintenance
290 Waterloo Avenue Penticton, BC. V2A 7M3


Dead animals on the highway

Dead deer on roads and rights-of-way will be picked up by A.I.M Maintenance if that road or right-of-way is maintained by them. Their administration office can be reached by calling 1-866-222-4204

Street Lighting in Okanagan Falls

Issues relating to street lighting in Okanagan Falls should be reported to the Okanagan Falls Irrigation District at 250.497.8541. They will be happy to resolve street light issues.